Drawing-a-Day foldedsheets were specially commissioned for the BigDraw@Brighton and University College Falmouth. Both events were organised in association with the Campaign for Drawing and LearnHigher Centre for Excellence in Teaching and Learning.

selected text from the BigDraw@Brighton sheet:

TheBigDraw@Brighton is a chance to explore and share the role that drawing plays in each discipline and to discover new uses: improving observation skills, reinforcing memory, generating and communicating ideas or mapping structures. The Drawing-a-Day map is a different way of exploring your visual thinking and it’s as easy to use as a regular sketchbook. You can still concentrate on one panel at a time – what’s different is that you can also spread the sheet out to display a whole sequence. Strong enough to fold and re-fold as often as you like, the sheet contains enough blank sections for just over a month’s worth of daily drawings.



Here are some images from the Big Draw events at the University of Brighton and University College Falmouth…

© Judy Martin

© Pauline Ridley

Images are from the LearnHigher Visual Learning in Higher Education Drawing to Learn series; authors Pauline Ridley and Angela Rogers; published by the University of Brighton.