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The Institution of Mechanical Engineers are sponsoring the BLOODHOUND SSC Education Programme with two new Foldedsheet resources: the Engineering Design sheet and the Activity sheet. The Education Programme are developing these sheets for schools working in STEM subjects at KS2 and KS3, and young people interested in science, technology, engineering and maths. The Engineering Design sheet encourages small groups working in classroom teams to solve design briefs set by the Bloodhound Project, and the Activity sheet encourages younger individuals to discover facts about the Bloodhound engineering at various events.

BloodhoundSSC Activity sheet

BloodhoundSSC Engineering Design sheet

We have added another notemap to our range – the Storyboard sheet. This has 60 generously-sized frames arranged over a sheet nearly a metre wide and tall – a welcome addition to the Drawing, Writing and Planning sheets.

Here’s a preview of the layout…

…and we just updated it on our online shop.

We have added another notemap to our range – the Planning sheet. This has a huge grid nearly a metre wide and tall and printed in 5mm increments – a welcome addition to our Drawing and Writing sheets.

We thought you might like a preview of the new Activity sheet we designed for Kids in Museums. Five hundred of these sheets, containing spaces for drawing and writing, are destined for the winner of The Guardian Family Friendly Museum Award 2009. It will be interesting for us to see what kinds of projects the museum or gallery uses the sheets for, and fun to see how the kids interact with them. The Activity sheet is smaller in size than our Drawing sheets and Writing sheets, but still contains enough space to make some really big scribblings!

Read about the award, and more, on Culture24.

Our new Drawing sheet has plenty of space to map out your thoughts and ideas…

Our new Writing sheet has loads of panels to record thoughts, construct essays, plan a novel…

academic year to view 2008/9 [pocket size]

A year planner that fits in your pocket!

Use this sheet to plan your time, note down important dates and keep a record of events.

IDEAS overview [pocket size]

Map your ideas on this handy sheet, record interesting facts, collect research material, allow ideas to grow and discover new connections.

Explorer’s Drawing and Writing sheets were commissioned by the Brunei Gallery for Julia Winckler’s Retracing Heinrich Barth exhibition. The sheets were used as part of the education programme. School groups, college students and members of the public were encouraged to use them during visits and workshops in the gallery space. The sheets were produced to inspire visitors to map their experiences of the exhibition in pictures and words.

© Julia Winckler 2008

© Julia Winckler 2008

Drawing-a-Day foldedsheets were specially commissioned for the BigDraw@Brighton and University College Falmouth. Both events were organised in association with the Campaign for Drawing and LearnHigher Centre for Excellence in Teaching and Learning.

selected text from the BigDraw@Brighton sheet:

TheBigDraw@Brighton is a chance to explore and share the role that drawing plays in each discipline and to discover new uses: improving observation skills, reinforcing memory, generating and communicating ideas or mapping structures. The Drawing-a-Day map is a different way of exploring your visual thinking and it’s as easy to use as a regular sketchbook. You can still concentrate on one panel at a time – what’s different is that you can also spread the sheet out to display a whole sequence. Strong enough to fold and re-fold as often as you like, the sheet contains enough blank sections for just over a month’s worth of daily drawings.

Here are some images from the Big Draw events at the University of Brighton and University College Falmouth…

© Judy Martin

© Pauline Ridley

Images are from the LearnHigher Visual Learning in Higher Education Drawing to Learn series; authors Pauline Ridley and Angela Rogers; published by the University of Brighton.

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