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Geologist extraordinaire Sophy Crosby sent us this excellent map made by pupils at Coldfall Primary in London, using one of our Drawing sheets. This was part of a creative ‘Rock Club’ workshop run by Sophy, that looked at the presence of geology in our everyday surroundings – brilliant!


The Institution of Mechanical Engineers are sponsoring the BLOODHOUND SSC Education Programme with two new Foldedsheet resources: the Engineering Design sheet and the Activity sheet. The Education Programme are developing these sheets for schools working in STEM subjects at KS2 and KS3, and young people interested in science, technology, engineering and maths. The Engineering Design sheet encourages small groups working in classroom teams to solve design briefs set by the Bloodhound Project, and the Activity sheet encourages younger individuals to discover facts about the Bloodhound engineering at various events.

BloodhoundSSC Activity sheet

BloodhoundSSC Engineering Design sheet

Today, Haslemere Educational Museum was announced as the winner of the Telegraph Family Friendly Museum Award 2012. In addition to a shiny plaque recognising their achievements, they also receive a box of 125 of our Storyboard sheets – which they intend to use for one of their family history events this year! Further details about the award can be found on the Kids in Museums website.

A big box of our Foldedsheets are travelling to New York next week to the Thinking Through Drawing interdisciplinary symposium at Teachers College Columbia University in New York on the 28–29th October 2011. Drawing sheets will be used in the practical workshops, and Storyboard sheets are included in the delegate’s packs for artists, scientists and academics to make notes and drawings on during the symposium.

“This two day interdisciplinary symposium brings together artists, cognitive scientists and art educators to consider the relationships between drawing and cognition. Researchers across geographical and disciplinary borders will address how recent findings from cognitive psychology and neurosciences can inform arts education, with a particular emphasis on drawing. The symposium will offer a rare opportunity for academics from drawing research, psychology, neuroscience, computer science and art education to present and discuss the relevance of their research findings to each others’ research and practice.

This symposium grew out of discussions on drawing and cognition, which began at the Drawing Research Network’s 2010 conference, between Angela Brew (UAL), Michelle Fava (Loughborough), and Andrea Kantrowitz (Teachers College).”

We ran a practical workshop at the Drawing Research Network conference in Brighton last year using our Drawing sheets (more info here), which allowed participants to discover the potential of mapping their projects, thoughts and ideas on these large-format sheets.

Lucy Steggals has been using our Storyboard sheets for the film project Dovertime. The sheets were used to storyboard elements of the film which were made over several episodes.

One sheet was also used inside Nicole Mollett’s airstream Cultural Baton, for comments and feedback from Dovertime participants and the audience at the special preview screening event, shown on the BBC Live Screen in the market square Dover on Saturday 17th September.

Throughout the project, other Foldedsheets were used for planning and drawing.

We have added another notemap to our range – the Storyboard sheet. This has 60 generously-sized frames arranged over a sheet nearly a metre wide and tall – a welcome addition to the Drawing, Writing and Planning sheets.

Here’s a preview of the layout…

…and we just updated it on our online shop.

We delivered two of our new Giant Foldedsheets to Turner Contemporary in Margate last week. One of the sheets is being used by artist Lucy Steggals with the intergenerational group Blank Canvas, who are staging a huge project to celebrate the opening of the Learning Studio at this prestigious new gallery.

Made of 315gsm archival acid free drawing paper, these enormous sheets measure in at 2.4 x 4m! The folded size of these sheets are 80 x 120cm – which means they can be folded away to be archived and stored after they have been used… or perhaps they could go on tour! To get an idea of the size of the sheets…

the orange label shown in the image is A4 in size…

and when the sheets are unfolded they take up the space of 9 large tables!

We presented a research poster and ran a workshop for the Drawing Research Network conference at the University of Brighton this week. The workshop Off the Map: unfolding narratives and new territories introduced participants to our range of notemaps and a practical session which used the Drawing sheets.

The notemaps provide a format to open up your thinking and allow information to be added as projects develop – not confining large thought processes to small sketchbooks. The large sheet of paper allows plenty of room for making notes and new connections between ideas, recording thinking and developing layers of communication through mapping in order to realise complex works and projects.

The workshop was intended to be a catalyst for mapping ideas and using visual notation and participants were asked to think of a current project they were working on. They were each given a Drawing sheet to start a map of this thinking and grow their ideas through drawing, words, diagrams and symbols – anything that visually described aspects of their project. Quickly, the participants were using the sheets intuitively – large and small handwritten type, expressive and conceptual drawings, neat and messy marks, arrows, circles, lines and boxes. Soon, the huge blank sheets of paper were transformed into eclectic individual resources loaded with information, and we hope the participants continue to develop their new mapping on the sheet after the conference.

The A1 research poster showed all the notemaps we have produced so far, text detailing each sheet and a list of our project partners.

We have had many organisations using the Drawing sheets including: primary school kids mapping environmental biodiversity, teachers planning GCSE revision timetables and LearnHigher CETL Big Draw events in Brighton and Falmouth. Please get in touch with us directly if you wish to purchase a large number of the sheets for education projects (between 50–450 sheets), or to commission a sheet (minimum order 1,000 sheets).

For over 30 years, the Royal Geographical Society in London have hosted the premier event for expedition & fieldwork planning. For the fourth year running, we are showing our support to this fantastic 3-day event by supplying each delegate with one of our 2011 year planners.


Luce has been invited to speak again at one of the workshops during the weekend event. She will be part of the Photography panel advising delegates about the documentation of visual information. In addition, Luce will be displaying a Notemap Drawing sheet showing the workings of database content for her Kit List Correspondent project, at the Society headquarters in Kensington, London.


12 – 14 November 2010

We have added another notemap to our range – the Planning sheet. This has a huge grid nearly a metre wide and tall and printed in 5mm increments – a welcome addition to our Drawing and Writing sheets.

We have now produced more than 100,000 of our Foldedsheet publications – which include editions, mappazines, notemaps and planners. So far, our smallest print run is 500, most of our work ranges from 1,000–5,000 units, and our largest run is 12,000. We have produced single-colour, 2, 3, 4 and 5-colour work, single and double-sided publications. We now have six established finished format sizes in our range and this number is growing with each new project – we have come a long way.

We would like to take this opportunity to thank all our partners for these projects – the best products have been collaborative and informed, and would not have been possible without the expertise, support and hard graft of everyone involved in the process! We look forward to working with many more inspiring people and forward-thinking organisations on the journey ahead – we have much to do.

Today, the Herbert Art Gallery and Museum in Coventry was announced as the winner of the 2009 Guardian Family Friendly Museum Award. As winner they received 500 Foldedsheet Mammoth Activity Sheets – we hope they enjoy using them! Further details about the award can be found on the Kids in Museums website.

We thought you might like a preview of the new Activity sheet we designed for Kids in Museums. Five hundred of these sheets, containing spaces for drawing and writing, are destined for the winner of The Guardian Family Friendly Museum Award 2009. It will be interesting for us to see what kinds of projects the museum or gallery uses the sheets for, and fun to see how the kids interact with them. The Activity sheet is smaller in size than our Drawing sheets and Writing sheets, but still contains enough space to make some really big scribblings!

Read about the award, and more, on Culture24.

The exhibition Postcards from Canvey Island is a showcase of work created during Vanessa Rolf’s residency at Cornelius Vermuyden School, Essex. The exhibition will include maps and drawings by students from the four Canvey Island schools involved in the project. “I hope to get a chance to use the drawing sheets again in the future – the kids loved working on them“.

For more information about the project visit Postcards from Canvey Island or the Canvey Island Archive.

© Vanessa Rolf

© Vanessa Rolf

Exhibition: 6th – 12th October 2009 (by appointment).

Location: Karslake Gallery, Cornelius Vermuyden School and Specialist Arts College, Dinant Avenue, Canvey Island, Essex, SS8 9QS.
Tel: (01268) 685011

For travel to Canvey Island from London take the train to Benfleet from Fenchurch Street or Barking. Buses to the Island leave from outside the train station, or it is approximately a 20 minutes walk.

Vanessa Rolf

Vanessa Rolf is an artist in residence working with several schools in Canvey Island, Essex. The project involves exploring the island through maps and drawing, Vanessa will be using 100 of our drawing sheets throughout the project.

Correspondence from Vanessa:
“Canvey Island is an interesting area, it is at great risk of flooding as it sits lower than sea level, it has amazing salt marshes and a nature reserve that is home to the most diverse population of insects in Western Europe and many rare and endangered species as well as having some great faded amusement arcades.”

“There is a blog for the project, currently it is a collection of images that I am gathering from my explorings.” Postcards From Canvey Island

Feedback from Vanessa:
“We worked with the drawing sheets yesterday and they were fantastic – the kids loved them!”

We have been working with LH researchers in Time Management for nearly two years now, developing a range of visual planning resources for students in Higher Education. Next month, Michelle Reid (University of Reading) and Pauline Ridley (University of Brighton) of the LearnHigher CETL will be making a presentation titled Visualising the future: creating new paper-based resources at the LDHEN symposium. See reid_abstract for an outline of the parallel session, or view the PDF presentation here: Visualising the Future LDHEN 09 powerpoint slides

“The 6th annual symposium of the Learning Development in Higher Education Network (LDHEN) will be held on Monday 6th and Tuesday 7th April 2009 at Bournemouth University. This year’s symposium theme offers an opportunity to engage with a range of debates about the nature and purposes of learning development.”

See the ALDinHE (Association for Learning Development in Higher Education) website for more details of this symposium.

New for 2009… we are now a sponsor of Kids in Museums.

Alongside the Guardian and Quentin Blake, Foldedsheet are supporting the charity Kids in Museums. We will be producing a special edition Activity Sheet notemap for the winner of the Guardian’s Family Friendly Museum Award.

The Kids in Museums Manifesto, along with the Guardian’s Family Friendly Museum Award have been incredibly successful ways of encouraging and guiding museums and galleries across the country to make family visits engaging and enjoyable.

This evening, the Kids in Museums Manifesto 2009 will be launched at the Royal Academy of Arts, London – we have supplied a number of our Drawing Sheets and Writing Sheets to be distributed at this event.

Visit the Kids in Museums website to find out more about their projects, work and manifesto.


Our new Drawing sheet has plenty of space to map out your thoughts and ideas…

Our new Writing sheet has loads of panels to record thoughts, construct essays, plan a novel…

…a sneak preview of new products for summer 2008

Year to View 2009 & Academic Year to View 2008/9

Drawing Sheet & Writing Sheet

academic year to view 2008/9 [pocket size]

A year planner that fits in your pocket!

Use this sheet to plan your time, note down important dates and keep a record of events.

IDEAS overview [pocket size]

Map your ideas on this handy sheet, record interesting facts, collect research material, allow ideas to grow and discover new connections.

The foldedsheet project was initially developed during a Masters degree in 2004. Informed by research into editorial layouts, information mapping and design responsibility the projects’ aim was to create a new form of sustainable publishing.

The concept was formally launched in the summer of 2005 with the publication of ‘ken360_000 (pilot issue)’ and the ‘7mm_ruled’ sheets (pictured below). When these first foldedsheets rolled of the press we didn’t know where they would take us or how they would be received… the response has been really positive. Our belief that these huge sheets of paper can provide a useful and interesting format has been confirmed and new products have been added to our range. We are currently working on a number of commissions, and there are lots of exciting projects in development.

Foldedsheet design and publishing – inventive, sustainable and informed


© Chalet Alpin Ltd