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We have just produced a double-sided full-colour sheet for explorer Alastair Humphreys – he may be a well-seasoned traveller, but this is the first mappazine Alastair has commissioned…

There Are Other Rivers: One Day on the Road/On Foot in India is a photographic journey interspersed with insights and thoughts. Alastair Humphreys walked across southern India, following a holy river from the ocean to its source and then down to the other coast. Travelling alone, immersing himself in fresh experiences, the adventure provided time to reflect on his long fascination with the open road. Humphreys explores two different themes: the allure of difficult journeys and the repeating rhythm of each individual day.

A longer version of There Are Other Rivers is available as a print book and a Kindle eBook.

side 1 One Day on the Road

side 2 On Foot in India

The mappazine is available to buy directly from Alastair’s website.

Alastair has been named as one of the National Geographic Adventurers of the Year 2012 – read more about it here.

Every year for the past five years, we have sponsored the expeditions and fieldwork planning event Explore, held annually at the Royal Geographical Society (with IBG) with our Foldedsheet year-to-view planners. This year we were asked to run the Communicating Your Discoveries advice desks in the Education Centre at the society, and gathered together over twenty explorers during the weekend to advise delegates on how to communicate their discoveries before, during and after their expeditions.

We showed a range of Foldedsheets – the mappazines Ken360 and PROfile in addition to Confluences from the Editions series. Emily Penn brought some of her brilliant expedition sketchbooks, Andy Welch brought his Wandermap work, and among other books we showed Arita Baaijens’ very lovely Desert Songs. We also had access to the data-projector, where we were able to show examples of websites, blogs and tweets. The main advice desk contributors were: Luce Choules, Emily Penn, Andy Welch, Jamie Buchanan-Dunlop, Geordie Torr, Al Humphreys, Tom Kevill-Davies, Tom Allen and Tim Moss. Speakers taking part in the main lecture programme and workshops over the weekend also gathered around the desks to share their experience in photography, writing and various forms of social media. It was a fantastic weekend – the best in the five years we have been there – Digital Explorer Jamie Buchanan-Dunlop summed up the event in his recent post here.

“The reporting back is essential. Whatever you do, there’s no point in doing something just for yourself… the world isn’t a playground any longer, we can’t afford to just do our own thing. Not really.” Benedict Allen.

We have now produced more than 100,000 of our Foldedsheet publications – which include editions, mappazines, notemaps and planners. So far, our smallest print run is 500, most of our work ranges from 1,000–5,000 units, and our largest run is 12,000. We have produced single-colour, 2, 3, 4 and 5-colour work, single and double-sided publications. We now have six established finished format sizes in our range and this number is growing with each new project – we have come a long way.

We would like to take this opportunity to thank all our partners for these projects – the best products have been collaborative and informed, and would not have been possible without the expertise, support and hard graft of everyone involved in the process! We look forward to working with many more inspiring people and forward-thinking organisations on the journey ahead – we have much to do.

For over 30 years, the Royal Geographical Society in London have hosted the premier event for expedition & fieldwork planning. For the second year running, we are showing our support to this fantastic 3-day event by supplying each delegate with one of our 2009 year planners.


This year, Luce has been invited to speak at one of the workshops during the weekend event. She will be part of the Photography panel advising delegates about the documentation of visual information. In addition, we will have a display of our PROfile mappazines at the Society headquarters in Kensington, London.


21 – 23 November 2008

A double-sided catalogue and monograph

This is the first PROfile sheet to contain a landscape cover and a portrait spread…

Textures of Time: landscape architecture is an investigation of the exposed surfaces created through mineral extraction at key localities around Sussex. Looking at the connection of these sites to geology, archaeology andhistory, Chivers’ work draws our attention, not only to the physical appearance of the rocks, but also to what lies beyond the surface, as each image has the potential for discovery.

Click on the link to view more of Richard’s work

Photographic works shown at Amberley Working Museum, Sussex.

A double-sided catalogue and monograph

Luce Choules’ photographic study ‘Flow: Edit.’ was commissioned by Birmingham-based FusionPlus as part of their Art & Sport projects programme. The project involved deaf athlete Nicola Hewish of Ironbridge Rowing Club in the Midlands, and Choules’ documentation of her sport. The resulting images are published here as a record of quiet moments witnessed during the busy training sessions. The publication also includes ‘Field Work: Editorial Cartography’ – a selection of images produced from trips and expeditions in the last six years.

A double-sided exhibition catalogue and monograph.

With combined interests in African studies, Anthropology and Photography Winckler journeyed to Niger to follow in the footsteps of 19th century German explorer Heinrich Barth. The publication documents the artist’s personal impressions, includes exhibition commentary from Adrienne Chambon, and features the community photography project ‘Stories from Agadez: Life as it is Now’.

© Julia Winckler 2008

© Julia Winckler 2008

Exhibition Info

17th April – 21st June, The Brunei Gallery, SOAS, London 2008

This mappazine is an independent forum for travel writing and photography. ken360 is a publication about journeys – an amazing sheet of stories and photographs from around the world. A collection of inspirational people, places and experiences fill each issue.

Highlights from this issue include: Before the King Fell: a tale from Nepal / The Remote West Coast of Jura / Dark Side of the Moon: Rory Maclean in Isfahan (Iran) / Ski de Fond in Chamonix / Mt. Pilatus / Dawn of the North / the Swedish Sea Rescue Society + other interesting material sent in from far and wide.

A double-sided exhibition catalogue and monograph.

Marysa Dowling’s photographic study ‘The Movement of an Object’ was commissioned by The Photographers’ Gallery as part of their off-site project programme. The project involved a collaborative process between thirty individuals across London and the passage of a single banal object between them. The resulting series of images are published here, alongside these intriguing portraits are essays by Chris Townsend and Helen James and a selection of Dowling’s other work.

Exhibition Info

29th June – 2nd September 2007, The Photographers’ Gallery, London

This mappazine is an independent forum for travel writing and photography. ken360 is a publication about journeys – an amazing sheet of stories and photographs from around the world. A collection of inspirational people, places and experiences fill each issue.

Highlights from this issue include: A Tale of Turkish Hospitality / Gallipoli- walking the peninsula / Along the Thin White Line (a diary account of a cycle tour across America). Articles and images of Finland, the Isle of Skye and Cambodia also feature on the sheet.

The foldedsheet project was initially developed during a Masters degree in 2004. Informed by research into editorial layouts, information mapping and design responsibility the projects’ aim was to create a new form of sustainable publishing.

The concept was formally launched in the summer of 2005 with the publication of ‘ken360_000 (pilot issue)’ and the ‘7mm_ruled’ sheets (pictured below). When these first foldedsheets rolled of the press we didn’t know where they would take us or how they would be received… the response has been really positive. Our belief that these huge sheets of paper can provide a useful and interesting format has been confirmed and new products have been added to our range. We are currently working on a number of commissions, and there are lots of exciting projects in development.

Foldedsheet design and publishing – inventive, sustainable and informed


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