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Now in their second edition, the Bloodhound SSC Engineering Design sheets have been used in a special workshop run by the BHssc Education Team –  the event also launched the opening of the project’s new HQ in Bristol earlier this month. These bespoke Foldedsheets have facts, photographs and drawings about the project, in addition to plenty of space for young design teams to make their mark. The workshop’s design brief was Living and Operating in the Desert. The sheets were judged by members of the South African delegation from the Northern Cape Provincial Government, Dept. of Tourism and prizes were awarded for the best designs.

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Images: Stefan Marjoram

The Bloodhound SSC Engineering Design sheets have been put to good use already with several schools taking part. Inspiring interest in STEM subjects through this open source engineering project, resources have been created to encourage teamwork and creativity. KS3 pupils in teams of up to four, have been using the blank areas on the sheet to make drawings of their design thinking. Information printed on the sheet is used in conjunction with a range of different design briefs.

The Institution of Mechanical Engineers are sponsoring the BLOODHOUND SSC Education Programme with two new Foldedsheet resources: the Engineering Design sheet and the Activity sheet. The Education Programme are developing these sheets for schools working in STEM subjects at KS2 and KS3, and young people interested in science, technology, engineering and maths. The Engineering Design sheet encourages small groups working in classroom teams to solve design briefs set by the Bloodhound Project, and the Activity sheet encourages younger individuals to discover facts about the Bloodhound engineering at various events.

BloodhoundSSC Activity sheet

BloodhoundSSC Engineering Design sheet

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