LearnHigher Academic Year Planner 2018/19

This planner has been developed by the LearnHigher CETL based on research and feedback on how university students plan and manage their time.


We have finalised the LearnHigher GENERIC template design for 2018/19. This option is for a shared print-run – primarily for universities who want to pilot the LH planners with smaller groups of students. The minimum order quantity for this planner is just 150 units. If you wish to place an order of the GENERIC version for your university or college, please contact us using this link learnhigher@foldedsheet.com

The CUSTOMISED version this template (thumbnails below), allows universities to include their own branding and local information within the main template design of the planner. The minimum order quantity for this planner is 500 units. The areas available to customise are shown in RED. Due to changes on the LearnHigher website, the Top Tips have now been removed from the planner as all LearnHigher resources have been changed to become staff-facing. However, the Monthly Time Management Tips for students remain the same and there are two options available – with, or without, the tips (highlighted in GREEN on the example).

If you are ordering the GENERIC or CUSTOMISED versions for your university or college, and require larger low-res PDF versions, please contact us directly via email learnhigher@foldedsheet.com

[please note: thumbnails below show examples of the 2009/10 planner]

LH template GENERIC




“The LearnHigher CETL (Centre of Excellence in Teaching and Learning) is a network of experts in learning development and effective study across 16 universities. We have gathered tried and tested resources, tips and activities to develop all areas of your academic study and help you acheive the degree you want. These are available through local study advice websites at partner universities and through the main LearnHigher website at: http://www.learnhigher.ac.uk

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The book Learning Development in Higher Education published in November 2010 by Palgrave Macmillan is ‘a must-read for all those interested in HE student learning development’.

“This book shows how Learning Development enhances the student experience and promotes active engagement. Written by staff from the UK’s largest collaborative Centre for Excellence in Teaching and Learning (CETL), the book includes important insights for everyone interested in supporting student retention, progression and success.”