Lala Thorpe, manager and workshop leader at Artescape, used a Giant Foldedsheet with Yuri Suzuki, a sound artist, designer and electronic musician. Lala was “inspired” to invite him following a talk at the Arts Catalyst Kosmica night…

“Kids at Artescape working on the giant folded sheet… finally dared to unwrap the beauty!! I invited Yuri Suzuki to talk to the kids about his work and demonstrate one of his designs. They all loved it… he had a thing called a Colour Chaser which followed a drawn black line and then responded to different colours drawn in its path with sound.”

Artescape_with_Yuri_1 Artescape_with_Yuri_2

Artescape_with_Yuri_3 Artescape_with_Yuri_4


We only have one Giant Foldedsheet left now – please get in touch if you wish to order one from us directly.