Every year for the past five years, we have sponsored the expeditions and fieldwork planning event Explore, held annually at the Royal Geographical Society (with IBG) with our Foldedsheet year-to-view planners. This year we were asked to run the Communicating Your Discoveries advice desks in the Education Centre at the society, and gathered together over twenty explorers during the weekend to advise delegates on how to communicate their discoveries before, during and after their expeditions.

We showed a range of Foldedsheets – the mappazines Ken360 and PROfile in addition to Confluences from the Editions series. Emily Penn brought some of her brilliant expedition sketchbooks, Andy Welch brought his Wandermap work, and among other books we showed Arita Baaijens’ very lovely Desert Songs. We also had access to the data-projector, where we were able to show examples of websites, blogs and tweets. The main advice desk contributors were: Luce Choules, Emily Penn, Andy Welch, Jamie Buchanan-Dunlop, Geordie Torr, Al Humphreys, Tom Kevill-Davies, Tom Allen and Tim Moss. Speakers taking part in the main lecture programme and workshops over the weekend also gathered around the desks to share their experience in photography, writing and various forms of social media. It was a fantastic weekend – the best in the five years we have been there – Digital Explorer Jamie Buchanan-Dunlop summed up the event in his recent post here.

“The reporting back is essential. Whatever you do, there’s no point in doing something just for yourself… the world isn’t a playground any longer, we can’t afford to just do our own thing. Not really.” Benedict Allen.