A big box of our Foldedsheets are travelling to New York next week to the Thinking Through Drawing interdisciplinary symposium at Teachers College Columbia University in New York on the 28–29th October 2011. Drawing sheets will be used in the practical workshops, and Storyboard sheets are included in the delegate’s packs for artists, scientists and academics to make notes and drawings on during the symposium.

“This two day interdisciplinary symposium brings together artists, cognitive scientists and art educators to consider the relationships between drawing and cognition. Researchers across geographical and disciplinary borders will address how recent findings from cognitive psychology and neurosciences can inform arts education, with a particular emphasis on drawing. The symposium will offer a rare opportunity for academics from drawing research, psychology, neuroscience, computer science and art education to present and discuss the relevance of their research findings to each others’ research and practice.

This symposium grew out of discussions on drawing and cognition, which began at the Drawing Research Network’s 2010 conference, between Angela Brew (UAL), Michelle Fava (Loughborough), and Andrea Kantrowitz (Teachers College).”

We ran a practical workshop at the Drawing Research Network conference in Brighton last year using our Drawing sheets (more info here), which allowed participants to discover the potential of mapping their projects, thoughts and ideas on these large-format sheets.