We presented a research poster and ran a workshop for the Drawing Research Network conference at the University of Brighton this week. The workshop Off the Map: unfolding narratives and new territories introduced participants to our range of notemaps and a practical session which used the Drawing sheets.

The notemaps provide a format to open up your thinking and allow information to be added as projects develop – not confining large thought processes to small sketchbooks. The large sheet of paper allows plenty of room for making notes and new connections between ideas, recording thinking and developing layers of communication through mapping in order to realise complex works and projects.

The workshop was intended to be a catalyst for mapping ideas and using visual notation and participants were asked to think of a current project they were working on. They were each given a Drawing sheet to start a map of this thinking and grow their ideas through drawing, words, diagrams and symbols – anything that visually described aspects of their project. Quickly, the participants were using the sheets intuitively – large and small handwritten type, expressive and conceptual drawings, neat and messy marks, arrows, circles, lines and boxes. Soon, the huge blank sheets of paper were transformed into eclectic individual resources loaded with information, and we hope the participants continue to develop their new mapping on the sheet after the conference.

The A1 research poster showed all the notemaps we have produced so far, text detailing each sheet and a list of our project partners.

We have had many organisations using the Drawing sheets including: primary school kids mapping environmental biodiversity, teachers planning GCSE revision timetables and LearnHigher CETL Big Draw events in Brighton and Falmouth. Please get in touch with us directly if you wish to purchase a large number of the sheets for education projects (between 50–450 sheets), or to commission a sheet (minimum order 1,000 sheets).