We have just printed a new (promo) planner for LearnHigher, using a similar template to the 2008/9 Generic version (see earlier posts, or check out the Tumblr archive for more details). However, this one has been updated to include three double-height panels of ‘Top Tips’ from the 20 learning areas of LearnHigher. The planner has been requested by, and distributed to, nearly 60 universities across the UK. This is part of LearnHigher research and development at the University of Reading – see www.learnhigher.ac.uk for more details of this project. The 2009/10 LearnHigher planner template is also in the final stages of development, details of which will be released soon.

This academic planner has been developed in conjunction with the University of Brighton and the University of Reading as part of the LearnHigher CETL.