Pilot Scheme: foldedsheet Academic Year-to-View Planners 2008/9

Over the next few weeks we are gathering feedback and comments from the four universities involved in our pilot scheme: Royal College of Art, Central St. Martins College of Art and Design, University College Falmouth and Trinity College of Music. A total of 700 foldedsheet Academic Year-to-View planners were distributed to their students in September 2008.

We are looking forward to hearing their views.

Critical feedback and user comments are very important to our process of research and development. The Universities involved in the pilot scheme are part of this process, their feedback will provide the ideas and inspiration to refine and improve the 2009/10 version of the planner.

All feedback welcomed, honest appraisal of the planners will really help in the development of this resource. There is always room for improvement and through the pilot scheme we hope students and staff will be generous and thoughtful with their opinions and comments.